accidentally-on-purpose: What brand are your headphones? So super cute!

They are called URBANEARS, I think I just got them at Urban Outfitters. They have super good sound quality and a decent length cord. I got them a while ago, but if I remember correctly, they were a reasonable price too.

So my temporary bed solution for a mattress is broken…and it looks like someone is always in my bed.

Got internet at the new apartment! Things are slowly starting to come together! Now I just need to handle unpacking and completely some freelance jobs…

1st breakfast in the new apt! #coffee #orange #kitchenwareoutofstorage #garfield #jimdavis

Love and Leather event benefitting Housing Works. #boughtandnewleatherjacket

Some how I accidentally took a gif while I was going to post on tumblr about a project I’m working on. My reaction was too perfect, I had to keep it. 

Had to do write up a bio and provide a photo for a website at one of my jobs, so this is what I did. I call it “Self Portrait with Vibrators”

#bathroom #graffiti

a few people have asked for it so here’s the video for this gifset!

This is hilarious and fantastic